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The ONLY Rule: The owner MUST answer these questions in character

1.) What is your name?

My Name is Ferrah..w-wait, did you need a last name too?

2.) Do you know why you were named that?

  Ferrah: No, not really. I think it has something to do with rocks or something and I am a ground type *shrug*            

3.) Are you single or taken?

  Ferrah: *looks around* I'm alone here, so I guess I'm single o3o

4.) Have any abilities or powers?

  Ferrah: Hm..I like to dig and I'm strong I guess.

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!

  Ferrah: I'm offended by that..I think. Unless it's a food. Then I want one.

6.) What's your eye color?

  Ferrah: *goes cross eyed* Well the part thats white on most people is black and the colored thingy is yellow.

7.) How about hair color?

  Ferrah: Blue, blue is nice, and totally natural.

8.) Have you any family members?

  Ferrah: Well I have friends that are close enough to be called family. And I have my family family of course. Not going into the fact that I'm adopted. Don't go there. Seriously. I also have my pets, they are like family to me.

9.) Oh? How about pets?

  Ferrah: Oh, you wanna talk about pets here? Well I have Nero, my houndour. We are like best buds. Then there is little Maigo the phantump. Kinda found her lost in the woods out back my place. I couldn't just leave her out there.

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

  Ferrah: ene water. It's wet and feels so *shudder* gross.

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

  Ferrah: I do like to be underground. And sometimes I bake I guess ^^;

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

  Ferrah: *thinks* Accidents happen and stuff, other then that I don't really know if I've hurt someone really =[

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?

  Ferrah: No. 

14.) What kind of animal are you?

  Ferrah: Ima land shark \owo/ *insert jaws theme here*

15.) Name your worst habits?

  Ferrah: I'm over cautious around water-types specifically, or would that be considered typeist. >3>

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?

  Ferrah: My brother mostly I guess. He taught me a lot since I joined the family.

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

  Ferrah: I haven't thought about that a lot. Hmm. Boys can be fun to look at I guess. But girls are fun to look at too.

18.) Do you go to school?

  Ferrah: I graduated high school. I know what I need to know.

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

  Ferrah: That's getting personal. I've thought about getting my ranch animals bred, then I would have babus in my life I guess.

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

  Ferrah: Wha?

21.) What are you most afraid of?
Big water types like Blastoises QnQ

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?

Clothes usually.

23.) What's one food that tempts you?

  Ferrah: Food in general is good. As long as it's not spicy.

24.) Am I annoying you?

You mean we aren't done yet ;n;

25.) Well, it's still not over!


26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?

I graduated school, I don't have any more classes.

27.) How many friends do you have?

  Ferrah: It's not the number of friends you have, but what they mean to you. Like my buddy Rain *happy clings* She's like a sister to me owo

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?

*drool* Moms Bluk berry pie 

29.) Favorite drink?

Tea is nice and warm and comforting.

30.) What's your favorite place?

  Ferrah: I like to be underground, or on the ranch with my animals.

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?

  Ferrah: People do what they do, I try not to be nosy.


What are we skipping? I hope it's not a meal.

33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

  Ferrah: *hiss* NEVAH

34.) What's your type?

I'm a dragon and a ground type o3o

35.) Camping or indoors?

  Ferrah: Underground \owo/

36.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
Pleeeease, are we done yet QAQ

37.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!

  Ferrah: YESH *flees and doesn't tag anyone*





It was an overcast fall morning as Ferrah put on her overalls and walked out to the barn. Nero followed on her heels, but Maigo decided to sleep in.
Opening the doors to the barn wide she was greeted with the usual greetings form her wonderful pokemals. She opened up Skippy's door and the happy little kid rubbed up against her leg before chasing after Nero outside to play in the fresh air.
Next she shooed Platty out with a displeased quack in response. "You know you need some fresh air and exercise. The egg isn't going anywhere"
Platty just quacked again and waddled out to the pond for a swim.
Lastly she slipped into Whitneys stall and slipped a halter over her nose. Whitney shook her head in response, she didn't like this new thing. Ferrah just smiled and petted the miltank. After the roll out incident in  the middle of milking, she wasn't taking any more chances. Tying Whitney to her spot she pulled out the stool and bucket and started milking. Whitney was still young so she didn't give much milk yet, so the chore was done in no time.
Ferrah put the milk away to separate and slipped the halter off, letting Whitney go outside at last. Ferrah grabbed a pitchfork and started cleaning out the stalls.

Kibo hummed a chipper little tune to himself as he lead Choppa down the beaten path. The Gogoat was pulling a cart of a few extra deliveries and back home he had several crates of food that needed a place to go. He'd find a place. But now he was all mixed up and lost... Even Choppa couldn't recall this place and he had been nearly everywhere. It was definitely a ranch. That was a smell you didn't forget and Noodle was meow-barking over and over so there was probably a cow nearby.

Ferrah paused in the middle of mucking out stalls to pick up the egg. It was warm to the touch and she could almost swear she felt something move under the blue shell. She was sure it would hatch into a water type, and as much as that worried her, she couldn't give it away now that Platty had gotten so attached.
Her train of thought was broken when she heard something outside. She placed the egg back into Platty's nest and ran out to see what was happening.
Whitney was outside chasing after Skippy like usual when she saw someone new passing by the front gate. The bells jingled as she wagged her tail and moo'd before rolling out to the gate to see who it was. However once she got to the gate she was rolling too fast to stop right away and ended up rolling into them.

Choppa gaped feeling the cart turn over from impact taking him with it. All the boxes of delivery food, the pets and tools fell out as well. Kibo let go of the reins and dropped beside the Gogoat undoing the harness and all so he could get up. Noodle had grabbed Kicho and was in turn grabbed by Momo who had successfully bounced to safety. Though the tiny baby squirrel still let out a terrified squeak and hugged her tail. Kibo scratched his head. "What on Earth..." The Miltank..?

Whitney got up and shook her head. Stumbling a couple steps before the world stopped spinning. Once she could see straight she bounded up to Kibo, tail wagging and bells jingling.
Nero ran over barking. That darn cow was getting into trouble again.
Ferrah looked out of the barn and saw the mess at the front gate. Her hand shot up to her mouth as the sight. Had Whitney actually hurt someone this time? She ran down as fast as she could, spewing apologies as soon as she figured she was within earshot.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Is everyone alright? " She stopped at the gate and looked over the damage. Whitney of course looked as happy as ever.

Choppa got up stomping each hoof to be sure nothing was broken before snorting. Kibo scratched his cheek a bit sheepishly before patting the Miltank. "Hehe a one cow wrecking machine eh?" Noodle placed Kicho on the ground and waddled over meow-barking the whole way. Though once she was on the ground, she starting squeaking like everything in her was broken and not even Momo could calm her. Kibo looked over hearing someone's apologies. "Eh yeah I think we're ok now Miss. Just some minor ouches nothing major."

Whitney Wagged her tail harder at being pet and nudged the man for more when he stopped.
Nero heard the pitiful cries and went over to investigate, nudging the little emolga with his nose.
Ferrah was glad to hear everyone was alright and stopped short when she saw the water type. 'Come now, this was no time to get nervous. This was a serious matter.' She thought to herself as her eyes wandered over the flipped wagon."I'm so glad no one got hurt, it looks like she got too carried away again" She looked in the mans direction as rain started to drip from the sky.
Ferrah cringed internaly at the wetness but offered the man a reassuring look. "I'm sorry, My name is Ferrah. Would you like some help righting your cart? I hope nothing was wrecked."

Kibo continued petting the little cow until Choppa nudged his hand. Why was he petting the creature that turned his beloved cart over?! Kicho looked up at the nudging and wiped her little face off. Another Houndour? Glorious. Kibo's ears flopped against his head. D-D-Dra-Dragon... Type... He was stopped short from a full on panicked seizure by Noodle who had the packages of extra delivery meals on his head. "H-Hehe... Yeah! A playful one eh?" Kibo looked the cart over. "Y-Yeah. I gotta be sure nothing's broken first. This cart's gotta help me get rid of some extra food crates." Noodle gaped holding up his paws. How did he know it was extra until he started eating?!

Nero gave her a little lick to dry her little tears, she seemed ok other wise.
As the rain got heavier Ferrah turned away from the Oshawott and looked at the cart. Taking a deep breath and trying not to panic, hoping he wouldn't notice. Water type and rain, this was not a good start to the day, but Whitney was hers and her parents always taught her to take responsibility.
"S-so, should we try and right this and see if it's alright?" She put a hand on the cart and shook it a little to see how easy it might move.

Kicho touched her cheeks blushing just a little. Just a little. Kibo made sure no wheels were damaged or anything. "Yeah!" He shooed Noodle away from the cart so he wouldn't get the cart turned over on him. And Choppa was forced to watch them monhandle his cart. His dearly beloved cart...

Nero tilted his head then looked to Momo. The little one was turning pink, was she ok?
Ferrah helped him flip the cart upright without getting to close to him. "There. Hows it look" She asked as she started picking up some of the things strewn across the ground.

Momo shook her head petting Kicho some. Crushes were always cute... No matter how unreasonable. Choppa shook himself and snorted happily now that his cart was back up for him to get back to. Kibo looked up at the rain falling. "Eh.. Eh..." Then he sneezed. "Aw jeez... Eh I'm sorry bout all this Miss really truly. I'd like to apologize the way I know how." Kibo pressed his hands together. "I got a few extra boxes of food at my place that I got no room for. If ya like I can bring em to ya" He kinda gestured as to how big they were. Which was enough that it'd keep two people fed for weeks if they weren't picky. Meanwhile Noodle had escaped to hide some small boxes of food on the nice smelling Gabite Lady's ranch.

Nero was still confused by the little squirrels actions, but the vulpix seemed to be taking care of her now.
"Apologies? I am the one that is sorry. I should have my miltank trained better" The scratched the back of her head and looked away. The rain had soaked through her clothes and she felt compleatly disgusted by it, she needed to get out of the rain, but she couldn't be rude. "Please, let me offer you and your pokemon some shelter, at least until the rain passes"

Momo flipped Kicho onto her back and gathered the few packages Noodle had spared. She'd have to cuff that kitten across the ears later... Kibo frowned. "Well ya know, Miltank aren't so easy to train so its equal." Choppa grumbled. He didn't think so at all. Kibo took the boxes from Momo. "W-Wha really? All wet and everything?" He had never been offered shelter before...

"please, I have a big enough barn and we can get you dried off. I would hate for you to get sick" She quickly picked up the last few boxes and put them in the cart. Had to get out of the rain!
"My momma always told me to do unto others as you would have them do to you" She smiled but didn't look directly at him.

Kibo looked past all the scary stories of dragons and saw a nice dragon lady for a moment. A holy vision. Glorious. Even Kicho seemed to realize that gliding over to the dragon lady for surprise hugs before returning to Momo. Kibo tugged on Choppa's reins letting him know where to next before completely overlooking the missing devil cat. "Oooh. That's an interesting way to say that." He never heard it put that way.

Ferrah flinched as the surprise hug and watched the little emolga glide back.
Nero herded up Whitney and sent her back into the ranch.
"You've never heard that before?" She watched the animals going back. "S-so it's up to you. You wanna come in?" She started to walk towards the house before pausing and looking back.

Choppa followed after the Houndour assuming he was supposed to go with him. And with Kicho back on Momo, the Vulpix simply followed. Kibo twitched his ears kinda lost in thought. "N-No. It was more of you hold a blade, use it to defend yourself and friends never to be used as a defense against friends... Odd way to say it I know" He shook some of the wet off. "Yeah! I promise I'll clean up any mess I make."

Noticing the pokemon following him, Nero led them to the barn.
Skippy saw the new comers and ran up to Choppa, bouncing along side as they went inside.
Ferrah tried to hide the sudden nervousnes. A water type, raised by the sword. And she invited him in?! She heard her mothers voice in her head, reminding her to give the benifit of the doubt. He hadn't done anything to her yet. Taking a deep breath she stepped up on the covered deck and stepped out of her coveralls and wringing them out, hanging them up on a nail to finish dripping dry.
"Y-y-you were raised as a f-fighter then?" She led the way into the house.

Choppa looked down at the kid curiously and sniffed him. This one was ok despite the lack of awesome glasses.
Kibo followed her onto the deck and took his wet top off with was like a soaked towel by now. "Me a fighter?" He could almost giggle at that. "Unfortunately not. My mom raised me softly. To be a gentlewott." To kinda further illustrate that, he played with an imaginary mustache over his lip. "Quite fancy if I do say so myself. Mmm yes"

He was so big and cool, Skippy sniffed back at him before continuing his energetic bounding.
Ferrah stepped inside to the closet by the door. She kept towels in there for rainy days like this. Hearing him say he wasn't a fighter was a relief in a way, maybe he had the skills but he wasn't going to be vicious. When she turned to offer him a towel she couldn't stop the snicker. The moustache and that last like was funny.
"Fancy indeed" She tossed a towel at him.

Kibo gracefully caught the towel with his face. "Thank ya~" He wiped his face and hair dry which of course made his hair fluff up to a not even fair point. Then he proceeded to dry his chest and belly. Even though he was a water type he enjoyed warm dry over cold wet... Since he was born then given Dig and from guidance Taki gave him in using the move, being cold and wet meant he dug down too far and his whole tunnel was about to fill with water and drown him.

"Come in" Ferrah was took off her bandanna and was busy drying her hair as she walked back into the warmer house. "I'm going to go get something dry on, feel free to get comfy." She gestured to the living room that had an old couch and a patched up recliner that looked like it would break if someone say on it. As well as a log standing on end between the two acting like a table.
Ferrah disappeared into her bedroom to grab some dry clothes and brought everything to the bathroom where she immediatly started a dust bath. Had to get dry.

Kibo nodded stepping inside and looking around. "Very homely~" He looked up just to see her take her bandanna off. "W-Whoa..." He said that like she just stripped in front of him. Kibo shook his head being sure he was dry before sitting down. On the floor. He didn't want to get her furniture wet. That'd be rude.

She had heard him when she took her bandanna off and she was still embarrased by it. What was up with this guy.
Now that she was dry and more comfortable she stood up and brushed the extra off before getting dressed in jeans and a red shirt along with her essential boots. Pulling out a dry bandanna she tied her hair up again and went out to the living room to try and be a good host.
She did a double take when she found him sitting on the floor. To each their own?
"W-would you like something to drink?" She asked as she went to the other side of the large room that served as the kitchen and put on a kettle and looked in a cupboard. "I've got tea"

Kibo was humming something to himself and drumming his fingers on the box in his lap when she came in the room. But was drug out of that when he heard tea. "Really? Ya got tea? I love tea!" He rubbed his cheek a little. "Hehe err... Yes Miss ma'am... I'd like some tea." Then an idea hit him and held up the box. "And we can eat this with the tea! Its all good stuff and I prepared it with wott care." That sounded weird. "I mean we don't gotta if you don't wanna..."

Ferrah was pulling out cups when he made his offer. She turned and looked at the box he held up. He was a goofy one, but he seemed happy to offer.
"We can eat that? You really don't mind?" Her growling stomach only added to her question

Kibo nodded and opened the box. "Yus yus! Those boxes I had in my cart were deliveries I made but weren't desired." He picked through the contents with chopsticks. "Canned noodles... Rice with fishes n berries... Azuki cookies..." More of something Noodle and Kicho would choke each other over. "All goodies"

Ferrah's eyes went wide as he opened the box. It was all food. Strange looking food, but it smelled wonderful. "You made all that?"

Kibo clicked his chopsticks and grinned. "Yeah! I'm a chef afterall~" He wasn't bragging or at least not meaning to. "I'd say I'm pretty good at it" Now he was bragging.

"It looks delicious" Ferrah smiled as the kettle began to scream. She placed a tea bag and some hot water into each cup and offered on to him. "Sorry, I don't have any milk or sugar."
She looked over the box again. "Is this normal for you to make? I haven't seen anything like it before."
She was stalling trying not to seem rude or too eager. Should she get plates? how was it supposed to be served?

Kibo rubbed his hands together and took the cup. "Thank ya~ Its ok! Too much sugar is bad for ya in the long run" Don't tell Noodle or Sekitan that Kibo... He looked at her curiously before taking the hot canned noodles from the box. "These I make. Cans keep em hot til they reach their destinations. Like yeouch hot." Kibo took the box apart to make two seperate parts for plates. "Nami makes the fish and gathers the berries while Kazu has the rest." He grinned evilly. "I make them there cookies though hehe"

"Noodle? Sekitan? Are these pets of yours?" Ferrah asked as she accepted her box plate. Her fingers moving over the pieces of food before deciding on one. She chose a piece of fish and rice and took a bite.

Kibo wagged his tail and nodded. "Yeah! Noodle is my Espurr who thinks he's a dog and Sekitan is my Torkoal. They eat a lot... A lot a lot" He took a bit of rice and stuck it in his mouth. Derlicious.

Mmm, fish. Fish was a good thing. Ferrah finished the piece. "Your Espurr thinks he's a dog?" She tilted her head a little. "D-did you raise him like that?"

Kibo nodded. "I think deep down he's always wanted to be a dog. He meow-barks and everything." Though really it sounded like a hiccup. A really obnoxious hiccup.

She snickered. "That sounds cute" She ate another piece. "Mmm, I didn't know fish tasted so good" She pointed to the living room. "Did you want to sit down while we eat?"

Kibo laughed a little too. "Yus it is at first." He looked from her to the living room. "Sit where? On those things?" He meant the couch. But he never saw it before so it was a thing to him.

"Yeah. I know it's not teh greatest furniture, but it does what it's supposed to" She shruged a little. Ferrah picked up her food and drink and led the way to teh living room, sitting in the rickety chair.

Kibo observed the furniture things and set his food aside. How did he use it? It was like a small bed! Yes! Kibo laid upon the couch on his belly. "Like this?"

Ferrah blinked. This man didn't know how to sit on a couch? What did he have at home then. Maybe he sat on the floor like she found him earlier.
"W-well, that's one way to do it. If you are comfy then by all means"

Kibo sat up curling his tail around himself. "I'm used to pillows... Forgive me" In fact this was how he sat on his bed and benches.

Oh no! Did she offend him? "Oh, no worries" She tried to reassure him. "I didn't know you didn't have furniture" Did that sound rude? That sounded rude.
Ferrah stuffed some more food in her mouth so she wouldn't say anything else.

Kibo grinned at her. "Well really back home we sat on pillows." He pat the couch cushion. "About this size" He nodded stroking his chin in thought. "Our beds were folded up comforters too."

She didn't think about a culture difference, but thought that he was worse off money wise then her. Looking at the food left on her plate, the ingredients must cost so much. She felt a little bad for him.
"Oh my, comforters for a bed. That sounds kind of uncomfortable"

Kibo opened one of the cans holding warm noodle soup. "Eh? Well if ya just randomly started doing it then it might be but I been doin' it since I was a pup. Feels normal." He took a sip and grinned. "But I got me a bed now hehehe"

"I guess that would make sense, still sounds uncomfortable to me though." She shook her head a little at the thought. "At least having a bed is nice, I bet." She found something with berries and tried it. Ooh, so savory. She made a 'yummy' face to that one.

Kibo stuck his tongue out. Hot still. "It is! Though I'm not used to laying so far off the ground." He turned just a little so he could scratch at the scars on his chest. "Do you... Have a bed?"

If this hadn't been the first time she met him, and the fact he was a water type, all this talk about beds might have gotten awkward.
Ferrah swallowed her food and nodded. "Yeah, well. I have a matress at least. But its comfy and I'm not on the floor exactly." Her eyes were drawn to the scar and she stared. How had she not noticed that before. "D-did that hurt?"

Kibo moved the noodles around in the can but still listened. "Oh that's good! Experience states the floor is no fun." He added an evil little otter giggle to that. Her next question caught him off guard. "The floor?" Oh she meant the scar. "This? No not at all. Just healed wrong."

Ferrah looked away, she shouldn't stare. She picked up a can of noodles and opened it, swirling the contents with a fork to cool them. "How did you get it" She hesitated. "I'm sorry if I'm prying"

Kibo gulped down some of the soup regretting it with the heat. "No you're not prying. Its a neat-o story! Scars tell cool stories!" He traced the three scars and grinned. "It was a Heatmor in the mines! He got Noods and then me." If he didn't have the costume paint on his face the ones on his face might be visible too.

Using the fork to fish out some noodles she blew on them to cool before eating them as she listened to his story. "Oh my. how did you get away for it? Did your Noods get away?"

Kibo held up his fist like a warrior gripping the heart of his foe. "I used my water as a distraction. And ran like a scared little girl." He gave her an intense look. "Me and Noods are so hardcore as you can see."
She snickered into the back of her hand. He was pretty expressive and entertaining. She was starting to feel glad she went the rout of the good person and insisted he stay out of the rain. "Very hardcore, I hear the little girl escape is the way to get out of a dangerous situation." She smiled, trying to be funny.

Kibo stroked his imaginary mustache in thought. "Mmm yes. Indeed it is." He looked at her curiously. "Have you been down in them mines yet?" He really wanted to know. Perhaps they could go to one together in the near future,

"I've been down a couple of times, but not a lot. Why do you ask?"
Was he going to ask her to go down to the mines with him. Alone with a water guy? She felt a wave of panic at the thought but tried to calm herself by reminding herself that he seemed like a good guy, nothing to worry about.
She munched on some more noodles hoping he wouldn't notice her little lapse in calmness.

Kibo turned so he was looking completely. "Really? Never been hurt or nothin'?" He had his tongue stuck out some in an attempt to cool it off. "Maybeh you could go with me! We could look for... Shiny things! Yeeeah..." He liked shiny things.
"Well, even though I haven't been in these caves much, I do have a lot of experience in caves. So I kinda know how to avoid certain things. But I haven't been down there long enough to encounte...* Ferrah swallowed wrong on a mouthfull of noodles at his proposition. Coughing and thumping her chest she cleared the obstruction.
Alone with a water guy in the caves? He's ok, he's ok. He won't do anything. Right.
She coughed one last time before answering. "S-shiny things are good"
She did like shiny things, her walls had shelves dedicated to shiny rocks and interesting things she found underground.

Kibo's entire curiosity was now captured. "Really?! So you're like a... Professional miner!" He grinned in a near sheepish way. "So so you got one of those hats with the little light on it?" Kibo sat back going for his noodles again. "Yeah! Whether its a cave rock or somethin' underwater... Shiny is gooood" In fact he kept his shiny things stuck under his bed where no one could get them.
"P-professional?" She fingered the old light she kept around her neck. "I would hardly say professional. All I have is this light that I keep with me at all times. You never know when you'll need one" Her hands lowering to cradle the can of noodles in her lap. She smiled shyly. "I can't say I've gotten anything from underwater, but I've gotten a few things"

Kibo twitched his ears looking at the light. "Ooooh..! That's nifty!" He never saw a neck light before. "True! I usually depend on Noods or Kicho to help with lighting." As he spoke his slowly drying shirt started to move across the floor and squeak in confusion. "I got pearls and stuff from underwater before. And tasty fish!"

Who and who? Ferrah was having trouble putting faces to the names. They were pets, and she assumed electric types if they produced light.
Her attention was immediately drawn away from Kibo as his shirt seemed to come alive. Resisting the urge to pounce on it and see what was under it she merely mentioned it. "S-sorry to interrupt, but is that normal?" She pointed to the living cloth.

Kibo sat up quickly looking where she motioned. "Eh?!" As much as he'd like to scream and beat it to death, that wouldn't help. Kibo cautiously lifted the shirt revealing... Kicho! The little Emolga squeaked now able to see but immediately panic ran around trying to figure out where she was. "Just Kicho."

"So that's a Kicho...I-is it supposed to be freaking out like that?" She lifted her feet off the floor incase the scared emolga lashed out. She didn't know this little critter so she didn't know how it would react.

Kibo pointed at her. "Kicho. Bang!" Ceasing her panic run, the little Emolga rolled over covering her face and pretending to be dead. She had seen Noodle do this! Kibo looked back at Ferrah and grinned. "She's harmless I promise." To put more emphasis on that, Kicho let out a terrifying squeak.

That was..pretty cute. She smiled and relaxed agian. "So that is a Kicho" She repreated to herself. "She's really cute. My Maigo would proablbly love to play with her"

Kicho bounced back up to her little feets looking up at Ferrah with wide curious eyes. Kibo looked at her curiously. "Maigo? That's..." Well it sounded like a name from his native tongue.
"Oh, thats my Phantump" Ferrah finished for him. "Maigo seemed a suitable name for her. Nero found her in the woods one day and she looked so scared and alone. So I took care of her."
Feet back on the ground she bent down from her seat and offered her hand for the little emolga to check out.

Kibo rubbed his cheeks. "Phantumps are adorable! I got a Pumpkaboo back home and he's a chubby ball of pumpkin-y fun" He rolled that name around in his head. Maigo... It was Japanese for lost! Clever dragon lady... Kicho waddled over sniffing her hand some before placing a paw on one of her fingers to shake.

So cute and so polite. Ferrah wiggled her finger like a handshake with the little emolga. She gently picked Kicho up and started petting her before responding to Kibo. "A pumpkaboo, nice. I was gonna get one as a garden pet before we found Maigo. Not that I've got much of a garden that needs tending too" She finished with a chuckle. It was true. She wasn't much of a green thumb and her garden consisted of a few flowers here and there that were kept alive by the phantump more then her.

Kicho rolled over at the petting now faking death to be pet more. Kibo tilted his head to the side. "Really? Gardening is pretty fun!" He said that but he was also guilty of letting his two Garden Pokemon maintain it more then him. "Though I guess Bakemono and Bananasaur keep it up to par more then me hehe"

Ferrah snickered at the name Bananasaur and continued petting the limp emolga. The longer they sat and talked the more comfortable she was begining to feel around him.
"Its kinda the same here. I'm not a fan of flowers in general, but Maigo loves em. And I do admit, they bring some color around the place."

Kicho could no longer play dead and wiggled against the petting which was Kicho language for don't stop giving me attention cause I'm cute. Kibo felt less afraid and weird as the conversation went on. She was a dragon who didn't demand gold or virgins from him. Or eat him. Maybe she wasn't scary or anything..."Oh yeah! A few flowers can make any place colorful."

Ferrah giggled at Kichos actions before sitting in silence for a little while. Oh no, she dropped the ball, the conversation died. Now it's awkward silence.
She abruptly stood up. "Tea! Your cup is empty. We need more tea." Without a thought she put Kicho on her shoulder as she wadled to the kitchen and started heating some more water.

Kicho held on to Ferrah's ear as they went. Kibo blinked kinda confused. "O-Ok."

Ferrah wandered back to the living room and collected their tea cups. "So do you have a Gogoat, an Emolga, a Noodle and a Bananasaur. Do you have any other pokemon at home?" She tried to start conversation again so this wasn't so awkward.
Outside the rain was still heavy and a rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance.

Kibo nodded taking out his sketchbook. "Yep. I came to the island with Noodle then got Bananasaur. After that I got my Torkoal Sekitan and Kicho of course." Hearing her name, the little Emolga squeaked holding up her paws in victory. "Then I got Choppa my glorious Gogoat, then Momoko my Vulpix and lastly Bakemono." He took a deep breath and exhaled. "What about you? What kinda animals you got?"

Wow, that was quite a mouthful. Ferrah eyed up his sketchbook as he talked.
"That is quite the assortment" Ferrah said, impressed as she went back to the kitchen to pour the tea. "I didn't have anyone when I came to the island." She thought back. "Nero was living under the deck when I bought this place. After that I got Skippy and Whitney. Nero found Maigo not long after. Then I got Platty during that psyduck swarm on the island." She poured and served the tea as she spoke. "Come to think of it I also got a random egg some time ago. I think it's a water type, but Platty wouldn't let me give it away" She finished as she sat back down.

That was a very interesting tale! "Nero's a... Male dog Pokemon yeah?" He didn't know why he was interested in that bit of information but alright Kibo! He tilted his head to the side. "Random egg? Maybe Platty is just protective of it! Birds kinda are weird about eggs..."

"I guess that would make sense. I guess that means she could be a good momma if I ever got her bred or something." She nibbled on one of the cookies from the box.
"Hm? Oh, yeah. Nero is male. Why do you ask?"

Kibo crossed his arms and nodded attempting serious-ness. "Well maybe she could also sympathize with a fellow water type too. Could be a girl thing too, Momo won't let me touch the eggs I got" He grinned. "Well lotsa people would want a strong bred dog."

"She probably knows whats in that egg better then I do, too. What kind of eggs do you have?"She nibbled on her cookie as she thought about his dog comment. "Strong bred?" She had only had Nero for the 10 or so months she's lived on the islands, but they had gotten real close. He was her partner, almost like a child to her. She wasn't sure what to think about breeding him. She shrugged. "What ar ethe chances someone would ask to breed with Nero. He's handsom and all, but no one knows his breeding history"

Kibo frowned in thought. "One I got from the Riddler... I think its a Rock type and the other..." He gave her an intense scared look. "I'm not sure but it... Sparkles." Kibo scratched his chin in thought. "Touche... Maybe Momo would." Then again Nero couldn't be all serious business like Thorn was so that could be a plus.

Ferrah paused in the middle of taking a drink of tea. "It..sparkels? Could that be..Where did you get a shiny egg?"

Kibo looked confused. "Shiny? I got it from the egg festival actually." He wasn't sure what that was.

"I wonder what it will be" Ferrah pondered out loud.
There was a louder crack of tunder as the front door creaked open. The latch was actualy busted to with a bit of a nudge anyone could just push the door open.

Kibo picked at the food in his box. "I wonder that too..." He squeaked at the thunder covering his head. "Nu Arceus have mercy!"

Ferrah didn't really like sotrms, but she wasn't afraid of them unless the power went out. Oh please don't let the power go out.
She got up from her chair to check out what opened the door only to see Nero and Maigo pass her, soaked from the rain. She closed the door and grabbed a towel as Nero walked into the living room and shook himself vigorously, spraying water everywhere.
Feeling a bit drier he looked around and saw that guy from earlier on the couch and went up to say hi. Maigo however held back a bit.

Kibo sat up and reached out to pet the Houndour. "Aww~ Hello there Mr. Nero! You look just like Garmr when he was a pup." Though without the broken rib on his back. Kibo looked at Ferrah curiously. "What happened to his back?"

Ferrah kneeled down beside the houndour and plopped a towel over him. Drying him off more. "I'm not sure" She looked at the broken boney growth on his back. "By the time I met him he already had it and it looked like it does now. So he must have had it for a while"

Kibo tilted his head to the side. "Looks painful..." He recalled breaking a bone before and even now it had a dull ache. Kicho frowned rubbing her cheeks at the thought of something like that happening to her back. Kibo snapped out of his thoughts with a grin. "I bet a pretty good vet could fill it with... Silver amalgam!  Then it'd hold til he evolved or got bigger."

"Silver Amalgam?" Ferrah wasn't sure what the was, but shook her head. "Nah. He seems alright with it. He just doesn't like anyone messing with it."
Saying that brought back the momory of when she tried to get a look at it. She had had him for  few months and they were already pretty close. So it surprised her when he snarled at her for touching that bone near the break.
That was the only time he gave her attitute and she just left it alone.

Kibo pointed to his fangs. "Its what they put in cavities! Pretty tough stuff" Kicho waddled over and rested her cheek on Nero's paw gently stroking his toe. "That's a good reason. More for his own comfort."

Nero laid down and sniffed at Kicho.
"Hm, its up to him in the end. If he wants it done I will save up the money to take him to the vet and get them to fill it." Was it weird to give a dog that kind of choice? It really didn't seem to bother him, like he forgets it's there until someone points it out. Maybe it was sensitive but he just chose to ignore it.
Why didn't she think about that before. Poor Nero.

Kicho wiggled excitedly. A glorious Houndour! But he was so cute! Kibo tilted his head to the side. "I could help you with that at the very least. I had the same issue with Kicho when I got her and someone helped me with her medical stuffs. Pass the good samaritan around ya know?"

Nero wagged his tail and licked at Kicho. Was a curious little one.
Ferrah looked at Kicho. "What was wrong with her? She looks perfectly healthy now."

Kicho put her paw on Nero's nose. Win! Kibo frowned at the memory. "She was stuck in the icy caves all alone for so long... She had no strength and so many illnesses it was crazy. Even now I'm afraid to leave her alone anywhere..."

Nero licked her again.
Ferrah was shocked. "Poor Kicho.I'm glad she's gotten better" She smiled at the two pets. "Looks like Nero has a new friend."

Kicho blushed and touched her cheeks. Ah yes it was like a kiss! Kibo chuckled a little. "Friend or possible admirer there."

Nero rolled his head to the side, curious at her actions and not entirely understanding them.
Ferrah chuckled and petted Nero, "From her perspective I guess there would be a lot of him to love"
Nero lifted his head and leaned into the petting.

Kicho looked up at Ferrah and Kibo and flailed her paws over her head. She wanted to be petted too! Kibo rubbed Kicho's head making her wiggle. "Yup! A lot of puppy love there."

Still thinking about Kibo's offer she looked at Nero's broken rib then back to his face. "well bud. What do you think. Should we get your break fixed?"
Nero put his ears back and snorted.

Kicho wiggled into Kibo's bag and popped out holding a very small Hello Skitty bandage. Kibo rubbed his face. "Or Kicho can put a tiny cute bandage on it..." Kicho squeaked meaning she would also kiss it all better.

Nero groand but didn't get up. He just looked at Kicho like he was saying why do dis.
Ferrah kind of giggled. "I kind of question why a guy would be carrying one of those in the first place. A bandage I get, but a pink one?"

Kicho rubbed Nero's nose. She did dis cause he had ouches. Kibo pouted and blushed a little. "The store was all out of the ones with dinosaurs on them..."

Nero just wateched her put the bandage on, ears still laid back. When she came back he just snorted and licked her. Her efforts were cute even if unnecessary.
He pouted? Ferrah mentaly scolded herself. Why should she judge if a guy has pink bandages. That was still a rude thing to point out.
"S-Sorry" She looked down. "Y-you could always say you got them for Kicho" She petted the emolga again.

Kicho touched her cheeks again. More kisses! Kibo grinned. "And that too! Kicho picked em out." He scratched his chin in thought. "Though I guess ya could say a silly guy like me would grab em on accident."

Nero laid his head on the floor and rolled a little so he was on his side.
Ferrah smiled a little. Although it was one thing she didn't really worry about. If she got scraped up she had tissue and tape.
She stood up off the floor and went to sit in her chair again. "You do things like that a lot?"

Kicho rolled on her side too. It looked comfy! Kibo looked at her curiously. "Things like... Carry cute bandages around?"

Ferrah shruged and Maigo sat in her lap, wanting cuddles as well. "W-well yeah. You said you were a silly guy" She hoped she wasn't sounding rude again.

Kibo looked through his bag. "Oh ye I do. Wait lemme see..." He held out an old beat up picture to her. "Though I admit my sister did that to me."It was a simple picture of him when he was very little in a Victorian dress Chou had repaired.

Curious, Ferrah accepted the picture and looked at it. She tried to stiffle a snicker behind her hand. "Thats cute."
Maigo leaned up and looked at the picture and then looked at Ferrah confused. She didn't get what was funny.

Kibo blushed a little. "It's... Cute?" He had never heard that relating to him. "That was a tiny bit weird he guessed.

Ferrah blushed and handed the photo back. Was she making him uncomfortable with that comment?
More thunder rolled, but sounded farther away. Seems like the storm had skirted around and missed them.

Kibo looked at her and scratched his cheek. "Never got that before..." Kicho wiggled into hiding under Nero. The thunder scared her!

Ferrah sneaked a peak, looking him up and down. For a water type he certaily didn't seem threatening.
Feeling Kicho burrow made Nero lay up on his belly and look at her confused.

Kibo pulled his tongue out some trying to look at it. "Thay... Isth mah tongue blue?" Kicho covered her head. The thunder was gonna get her! She just knew it!

"W-what? Why would your tongue be blue" She looked into the box of food to see if there was anything that would do that.
Nero used his paw to pull Kicho between his legs and against his chest before laying his head over her.

Kibo slurped his tongue back in his mouth. "I thought I tasted Oran or... Some other blue berry in there. You ever turn your tongue blue with eatin' somethin'" Kicho snuggled in close to Nero and closed her eyes. He would protect her!

"I don't remember blue so much, but I have turned my mouth black.My mom made the best berry pies."She smiled at the memory of those pies. "Do you like oran berries?"
Nero just sighed, content and started to doze.

Kibo scratched his chin. "Black? What kinda berries turn yer mouth black?" He drooled a bit at the mention of pies... And oran berries. "Yus I do! A mix of oran berries and pies would be awesome."

"Mmm, makes me wanna go visit my mom some time" Ferrah could bake, her adopted mother taught her how to. But she didn't consider herself on the same level. On the subject of parents she looked at Kibo. "Did your mom bake?"
Kibo licked his lips. "Sounds like your mom is real good baker!" He thought about it. "Oh yeah my mom bakes. She makes these coconut almond cookies that could knock the socks off the Harvest Goddess"
"Does the Harvest Goddess wear socks?" Ferrah wondered outloud in a low voice, then looked embarrassed that she said that out loud.

Kibo gaped. He didn't know! "Oh man... I dunno! Maybe we should giver her socks then give her the pie and cookies!"

Ferrah giggled at his reaction. Would the harvest goddess even accept something like that?

Kibo tried to imagine it. Him and Ferrah standing at the pond with socks and baked goods offering them to the Goddess. "She might laugh at us before patting our heads"

Ferrah tilted her head. "Have you ever met the harvest goddess?"

Kibo frowned in thought. "No. Actually I haven't... Have you?"

Ferrah shook her head. "No. I don't even know where the fountain or well thingy is"

Kibo tilted his head to the side. "Foutain or well thingy? I thought it was like a... Forest palace or somethin'"

"Is it? I don't  know" Ferrah looked embarrassed again. The goddess was supoosed to be a deity, right? But she didn't really know much about her.

Kibo was unsure as she was. "She could live in a parallel universe or somethin' and come here through the water!" That would be cool.

Ferrah nodded. That had to be it. "Now I kinda wanna summon her, even just to see where she came from." Was that weird?

"Me too! But we'd need an offering of some kind! Somethin' good" But what.

"You could offer some of your food" Ferrah snagged another cookie from the box.

Kibo scratched his cheek in thought. "But... We could make a cake! A real good cake!"

Bake WITH the water type? Was she ready for that. Sure she invited him in to her house, but that was to escape the rain. That was just good manners. Her nerves were acting up at the thought of working with him, even to do something as simple as bake.

Kibo frowned some at the mental image. "Then again... There are other things a Goddess could like! It will take time to figure out something like that ya know?" He crossed his arm in a serious manner. "Yep!"

The rain outside was starting to slow as Ferrah sipped at her tea.
"I-if she's the H-Harvest Goddess, maybe I could offer her some produce from my ranch animals"

Kibo tilted his head to the side. "Really?" He didn't know if the Goddess would like that or not. Maybe she was one of those 'its the thought that counts' types.

"Y-yeah. Thats too simple. But I can't see myself ever sacrificing any of my animals to her. Ever." She was a goddess after all. Didn't dieties usualy want huge oferrings like that, not just some simple produce.

Kibo gaped. "N-No. No sacrificing. I think she'd frown upon that" He would worry if the Goddess was actually wanting something like that.

Ferrah looked down. A little ashamed that the thought even crossed her mind. "M-m-maybe the goddess doesn't want to be bothered"

Kibo made his most determined try hard face ever. "But... Its like a mystery! And mysteries are cool!"

"A mystery?" Ferrah was a little unsure. The more they talked about seeing the Harvest Goddess the more ont he fence she was. But maybe she was phyching herself out.

Kibo grinned rubbing his chin in thought. "Yiss! You shall be Sherlock Dragon Lady and I will be Wottson! Search for clues and find the Goddess!" That sounded awesome!"

"Where woud we even start?" She was equaly curious about finding the Goddess as she was nervous working with the water guy. Surely this wouldn't get out of hand, right?

Kibo thought about that one for a minute. "Ehhhh... Well there is Sacred Isle! The Mayor dude said no one lives there so it's the perfect place for a Goddess to hide!"

If only she had a flying mount, that would be a great way to tour the islands and get a lay of the land. There was so much about this place that she still didn't know.
"That does sound like a good place. Is the Harvest Goddess the only deity around here?"

Kibo hadn't thought about that... Was she? "I... Not sure really. She could be but then again there could be more! Like the one who turned us all into Nosepass and Probopass! A tricky one"

"Could be the work of a trickester. Those are supposed to be demi-Gods" Ferrah thought outloud.

Kibo looked at her like she just threw a new question in a dying debate. "Could be! That'd be cool!"

Ferrah looked away, uncomfortable with his look. "W-who knows"

Kibo looked down at Kicho clinging to Nero. "It'd be a better idea to ask some of the wild Pokemon first too..." Now he felt weird.

"T-the wild pokemon? How do you talk to them?"  She also looked down at the pets cuddles on the floor.

Kibo's ears flopped against his head. "Just like any other conversation. They understand." It was easy to talk to wild Pokemon when you essentially grew up with very few friends.

Ferrah tilted her head and looked at him again. Granted she got along with animals easier then people, but she couldn't recall having a full conversation with them.

Kibo scratched his cheek listening for any more rain. "I uh... Guess ya want me outta your hair once the rain passes eh?"

Manners! Manners. He moms voice sounded in her head so she wouldn't jump and say yes. "It's ok, don't feel rushed."
Now that the rain had passed Skippy playfully bounded out of the barn to splash in the puddles

Kibo frowned. "Well I gotta figure out what to do with the surplus of food I have... Ordered too much..." That gave him an idea! "W-Would you... Want it?"

No trick? He was really offering her all that food? She scratched the back of her head. "I-I have no way to pay you for it though"

Kibo gave her a confused look. "Pay me? I wouldn't have offered it if I expected payment. I got no place for it. I should be paying you to take it."

Ferrah smiled at him. "I would be glad to take it off your hands then."
If he's seen how empty her fridge and cupboards were then he knew just how glad she was for his generosity.

Kibo grinned and nodded. "Yus. I can bring it by later unless you wanna come get it but... You'll need a cart since it took a few Machoke  movers to get it inside."

Ferrah looked surprised. That much? She figured like another box or two like the one he brought in today. "M-maybe it's best if you bring it by. My cart isn't very big and I'm the only one that can pull it." Plush she didn't know where he lived.
Was it really ok for her to accept so much?

Kibo thought about it. "Yus. Choppa would deliver it with glee!" She was the only one who could pull it? No mount? "Ya got room for it yeah?"
Ferrah looked over to her kitchen. "Yeah, i think I got some room. Depending how much needs to be kept cold or not"

"Well there's milk, eggs, meat and cheese you'd need to keep cold. Like I said its not a small or light box" In fact he'd be surprised if she had spare room once it was all empty.

Her fridge wasn't small but it wasn't massive either. But she did have an old chest freezer for more frozen stuff.
"If there is stuff that can be frozen I can plug in the chest freezer and we can see what fits in the fridge I guess"

Kibo held his hands up. "Awesome!" Dial it down... He rubbed his hands together like some kind of evil mastermind. "I kinda wanna go get it now so we can see~"

"I-if you really want to. I don't know how far away you live though." If he thought he could do it tonight, then ok. She can plug in the freezer while he was gone. Depending on how long he took it could be cold by the time he got back

Kibo frowned in thought. "Well I live on Rapture Retreat but by a Gogoat's ride it wouldn't take me long to get back." Kicho looked up from hiding in Nero's chest fluff. She didn't want to leave yet!

"Ok. Th-then I will see you when you get back?" She smiled at him.

Kibo stood up and stretched. "Yus!" Kicho tried even harder to hide. No want go!

Ferrah saw Kicho's attempts to hide as she also stood up. "I don't think your emolga is ready to go yet"
Nero just stayed laying, his head over Kicho and looking up at Kibo.

Kibo frowned. "Then... Would you watch her until I return? She won't misbehave or anything I promise" Unlike a certain Espurr...

"Oh, uh.." He was coming right back tonight. How bad could it be. Besides, she seemed content to be under Nero right now. "S-sure. I can watch her."
Nero didn't move, although his tail started to wag.

Kibo nodded and grinned. "Awesome! I shall return as fast as a derpawott can!" Yiss that worked.

Ferrah nodded. "Alright" She followed him to the front door. "I-I think your cart is in the barn with the pokemon."

It was? Oh sweet Goddess... "I hope Choppa hasn't tried to move with it..." That thing was a little clunky and could break itself and other things.

Ferrah wasn't 100% sure it was in there, but she thought she saw the goat dragging the cart that way. "If he's  not supposed to move it, then how is he supposed to get it home?"

Kibo scratched his cheek. "I just wouldn't want him to break anything in your barn with it. It is a big clunky cart after all."

"Oh. True" Ferrah scratched her cheek. Not that there was a lot in the barn right now. Just cozy stalls and a spacious hall to the back.

Truth be told, Choppa was wanting out. It was too cramped in here for his liking! That and Noodle and Momo decided to break out in full argument in his cart. Kibo shook his head. "He would try not to though"

Skippy was facinated by the larger goat, when he wasn't using him as a shield from Whitney that is.
"Your Choppa sounds like a thoughtful pokemon" Ferrah tried to compliment

Kibo nodded. "For a goat beast yus" Choppa looked down at Skippy and tilted his head to the side. Why on Earth did this little Skiddo remind him of Kicho and Sekitan? Maybe the innocence.

Skippy dove between Choppas legs for protection as Whitney made another pass looking for him.

Choppa tilted his head some looking at Skippy almost as if he was asking why he was hiding from the Miltank. Kibo looked up at the sky. "Hope it doesn't from here to there and back again.

Almost as if to answer Choppa, Whitney fount Skippy and moo'd playfully before aggressivly butting him with her head.
Skippy bleated and tried to scramble away. She never played nice with him.
Ferrah looked up as well. They sky was still overcast and the clouds looked heavy. "Hopefully it will hold off. Probably wouldn't hurt to hurry if your cart can hadle it."

Choppa frowned. She hurt him it seemed. He lowered his head and lightly butt the Miltank like he did to Noodle. It was more of a disciplinary move then anything else. But there was something worse for the little cow. And its name was Noodle and it was looking down at the cow knowing it had milk. Kibo nodded. "It will. But just to be sure I will hurry a bit."

Whitney moo'd at Choppa and tried to 'play' with Choppa the only way she knew how. She reared up and started butting him with her head.
Ferrah nodded

Kibo looked at her suspiciously before using the signature Choppa calling whistle. Choppa blinked. Such a tiny little thing even by his standards. He looked up hearing Kibo call him. Thank goodness.

Skippy used the distraction to excape and hide. Whitney continued to try and get Choppa to play or move or something.
Ferrah didn't really see his look. She wasn't looking directly at him, just trying to maintain her manners. While they had had a pretty peacefull day during the storm, one encounter didn't erase a life time of nervousness and mistrust. A pity he was a water type though. He might have made a good friend.
"I hope you have a safe trip and see you soon" She said as he called for his ride.

Choppa pat the Miltank on the head before going to Kibo but not before Noodle jumped down on Whitney's back and meow-barked viciously. Kibo nodded. "Thank you Miss Ferrah" Choppa sniffed Ferrah some before waiting for Kibo.

Surprise attack! Whitney bleated and tried to buck her rider off.
Ferrah pet the gogoat with a smile. "Travel safe"

Noodle squealed and flailed as he was thrown off the cow and into the ground. Kibo took hold of Choppa's reins not sure on riding in the cart just yet. "We shall! Onwards Choppa!" Choppa snorted waiting for the nice dragon lady to stop petting him before heading towards home with the derpawott.

Now free of a rider, Whitney walked over to the espurr and sniffed him curiously.
Ferrah stepped back and waved as they left. Once they were gone she walked up to the little chest freezer airing out on her porch and dragged it inside then plugged it in.

Noodle reached up and bopped Whitney on the nose before bouncing a few paces away. No one threw him and got away with it! Wait... Where was the Kibo and giant goat???

Whitney walked up to Noodle and butted him with her head. Maybe this little one will play with her.

While Noodle ran from the cow, Kibo had reached his shop and with Bananasaur's help got the box into his cart. He checked to be sure everything was good still before heading back to Ferrah's house.

He ran, so she must chase. The game was on! But he was slow, and she couldn't roll out after him.

Noodle tackle-clinged to her face and meow-barked. Did he win? Was she gonna give him milk now?!

Startled Whitney stumbled backwards and moo'd. Shaking her head.
Ferrah checked on the the freezer. It was working, that was good. She went back tot he living room and tidied up the cups and the last of the food while waiting for the water guy to come back.

Noodle sniffed her a few times before flopping down on his bottom. Was their game over? Kibo was almost back! He could see her little house and everything! With that initiative and the thought of emptying his cart, Choppa sped up his pace.

Whitney shook her head a few more times before looking at Noodle. He was kind of annoying her and she snorted at him.

Noodle snorted back and raised up his flopped over ears. That sound. Choppa! He bounced in a circle around Whitney meow-barking over and over. Choppa! There was the great Gogoat! With the derpawott! And a box!

Whitney turned and tried to watch the espurr and getting dizzy.
Nero lifted his head when he heard something outside and whuffed.
Ferrah was just finishing tidying when Nero alerted her and she peaked out the window. She swallowed her hesitation when she reminded herself why he had returned and went outside to greet him.

Noodle bounced over to Kibo and Choppa still bouncing in a circle. Kibo glared down at him. "You... You better not have broken anything." Kicho was woken up by Nero and well being a baby she started to cry like only a baby electric squirrel could. Kibo waved at Ferrah before patting the box which easily came up to his chest if it was on the ground. "Here it is"

Whitney took a moment to straighten herself out before chasing Noodle again.
Nero looked down at the crying Kicho and nuzzled her to comfort her.
Ferrah starred. He said it would be a lot, but that box was bigger then she imagined.

Kibo grinned. "I order these for the shop and myself but I miscounted..." Choppa gave Ferrah the "you have no idea" look. Kibo started to attempt and get the box out before Noodle just used Psychic to place the box on the ground. "Oh sure you'll help her but not me..." Kicho slowly quieted down at the nuzzling and she happily returned the nuzzles.

"Miscounted.." She said in a low voice and continued to stare as the box was moved. Then looked to the front door. How was that box gonna fit through the door?
Nero gave her a little lick once she quieted down.

Kibo looked where she was looking and nodded. "In this box... Are smaller boxes. Why not crack it open eh?" Noodle liked that idear! Anything that was dropped and not picked up quick enough would be his!

"O-ok" Ferrah stepped up and opened the huge box. Sure enough it was full of many smaller boxes. That will be so much easier to get inside. "Perfect" she smiled and grabbed the first box to take inside.

Kibo picked up some boxes to help carry too. Then Noodle bounced into action too picking a smaller box which he could smell had frozen fish in it and carrying it inside after Ferrah and Kibo. Choppa simply snorted and closed his eyes to nap.

Ferrah smiled when Noodle helped and kept bringing boxes in. Kinda guessing by feel and putting frozen stuff in front of the freezer and fridge stuff by the fridge. Everything else went on or around the counter for the cupboards.

Noodle decided that one box tired him out and he nabbed one particularly enticing smelling box and brought it to Nero and the Kicho creature. He wiggled his brows and opened it to reveal... Poffins! They could eat them while everyone else moved stuff!

Nero sniffed the box then looked to the people, then back to Noodle. Did he just take that?
There seemed like no end, the box just wouldn't empty. Ferrah wiped a little sweat from her brow before continuing.

Noodle placed a poffin on Nero's nose. How could he resist a delicious poffin? They were the best thing ever. Kibo looked in the box. "Sheesh I hope nothing defrosts before we get done hehe"

Nero plopped his paw over Noddle and licked the poffin off his nose.
Ferrah looked intot he box again and then at the boxes in the kitchen. "Why don't you start putting it away then and I will keep bringing it in. You will know where it goes better then me"

Noodle flailed under the dog's paw. Curses! Kibo very hesitantly nodded. He would be afraid to do that. Nonetheless the Oshawott picked up the two jars of peanut butter and opened the cabinet. What. The. Hell. "Were you robbed?"

Nero couldn't deny that the poffin was good, but the people didn't exctly give it to them. So he was going to keep an eye on this cat thing.
Ferrah stepped insode with another armload of boxes and looked where Kibo had the cupboards open. "Hm? No, that how they always are"

Noodle fluffed out some intent on becoming fluffy enough to escape. Kibo gaped. "Empty? H-How do you..." He shook his head putting more stuff away. How did she enjoy breakfast? Brunch? Elevensies? Lunch? Afternoon tea?!

Nero just looked at Noodle. Now it was fluffy. Strange cat.
He was clearly startled by this. But then again, judging by the box of 'extra' food he brought this guy had probably never seen an empty cupboard. "Well, I have a few things here and there. It's keeps me going. Plus some of the produce from my ranch animals." Ferrah shrugged. Her money was better spent on keeping her Rnach animals happy. At least in her eyes.

Noodle turned and looked at him with his tongue out. He did not know strange yet. Kibo wanted to hug her. Hug her tight and promise her the extra boxes in the future. "That's a legit reason! But... If ever you or the animals were sick you'd need stuff like... Like this!" He held up a fish that had to be held with both hands. "When you eat fish it settles inflammation so you get sick less and..." Kibo put the fish away and held up a can of chicken noodle soup. "This will help if you got sick. Promise"

Nero snorted when Noodle stuck his tongue out. Then rolled onto his side to relax, putting his other paw on the espurr as well.
This was the first time Ferrah lived on her own and had to compleatly take care of herself. She always figured food was food. "Mom always gave us chicken soup when we were sick as kids. It was comforting, I didn't realize it made you better."

Noodle meow barked and wiggled. He was gonna be trapped until the Gabite called off her attack hound. Kibo grinned and nodded. "My mom did that too~ It helps with congestion and stuff like that." He scratched his cheek. "Sorry for nerding out on you like that hehe"

Nero smiled. He had won.
Ferrah shook her head. "I-it's ok. Learn something new and stuff. Eh." She went back outside to grab the rest of the boxes. There was an end in sight, just another trip or two.

Noodle admitted defeat and closed his eyes. Kibo was glad for his neat kitchen organizing skills. Everything had seemingly fit except for stuff that was deep frozen and he put that in the freezer she had mentioned.

Ferrah brought in the last couple boxes and put them on the counter. Looking around she was amazed to see that he managed to get everyting in her kitchen. "I'm impressed."

Kibo rubbed his cheeks like the derpy otterwott he was. "Really? Kibo do good?"

Ferrah stared for a moment. that  was oddly cute. "Y-yeah, you did good. And I really appreciate you helping me out like this even though this is the forst time we've met"

Kibo tilted his head to the side. "I'd do it cause... Its the right thing to do! Be helpful and friendly and stuff!" That was the way of the otterwottderp.

Either way, she now had enough food to keep her and her pets well fed for sometime. "I guess I'm kinda glad Whitney crashed into your cart. I just hope there isn't any serious damage"
It was like a blessing in disguise for both of them. Who knows where Kibo would have been when that storm hit and for her kindness she got food. win win.

Kibo snickered. "Oh yeah. I'm sure if it was really messed up Choppa would buck my head off until I fixed it"

"I can't say I've heard of a Gogoat that was so attached to a cart before" SHe looked outside.

Kibo's ears fropped against his head. "Me either... Had to learn that the hard way..."

"What did you do?" Ferrah was curious.

He scratched his cheek a bit sheepishly. "I kinda left his cart out in the rain and it grew stuff so I had to scrap it and get him a new one." After he recovered from the broken fingers...

How the Gogoat forced him to get a new cart she didn't know. "You had to scrap the whole cart? You couldn't scrape it off and replace any rotten boards?"

Kibo shook his head. "It was really old and small when I got it. Thought it best to appeal to him a little."

"If he's gonna pull it, make sure he likes it eh."
Her own cart wasn't very big and had seen many moons. But she was the only one that could pull it so she didn't mind as long as it rolled.

Kibo nodded really quickly. "Yeah yeah! You don't have a mount?" He was curious.

"No I don't. None of my animals are big enough to carry me or pull a cart" Ferrah scratched the back of her head.

Kibo frowned. "Maybe someday yeah? The convenience is awesome." He stopped himself. "Unless you have a mount that doesn't agree with you..."

"I bet." Ferrah chuckled. " at least your Choppa seems to get along with you."

Kibo nodded remembering when he got the little chipper Skiddo. How he ran around the property magically finding every mud hole there was. Then he evolved into the stoic gogoat beast he was now. "He is pretty awesome."

"Maybe one day Skippy will evolve to be like that. I would put him through mount training if he wanted to."

If Kibo was an anime character, his eyes would have gotten all sparkly. "If you did that... We could race!"

Ferrah stepped back. the water guy had a over excited look on his face the took her by surprise. "Y-yeah. Maybe" She smiled nervously.

Kibo rubbed his cheeks. "That would be fun!" He sighed a bit happily. "But I'm getting ahead of myself yeah? Should wait for another meeting!"

"Y-yeah. Maybe another time" Ferrah nodded in agreement. While she couldn't see herself going out of her way to get to know a water type, stranger things have happened.

Kibo returned the agreeing nod and went over to Choppa. "We're going back" Choppa snorted and looked back towards Ferrah's house. What about the puppykit and the tiny squirrel?

Nero was still content using Noodle as a foot stool and having Kicho cuddled into his neck fur again.
Ferrah was about to close the door when seh saw Nero with some extra pets. Settping outside she waved Kibo down before he could drive off. "Wa- er. Kibo. I think you're forgetting some of your pets."

Kibo narrowed his eyes at Noodle. "Noodle..." The little puppykit opened one eye. "Come on we're going home." Noodle rubbed his face and looked at the Houndour asking to be released now. Kicho gave Nero one last snug with all her loves before waddling over to Ferrah and hugging her foot.

Nero snugged Kicho back before she waddled off then groaned at Noodle before rolling onto his back before flopping on his other side with his back to the puppy-kit.
Ferrah smiled and bent down to pet the emolga. The little fuzzy ones were sure adorable.

Noodle stuck his tongue out and bounced over to Ferrah. He wanted pets too! Kicho squeaked nuzzling into the pets before Noodle bumped her away and meow-barked to be pet too.

"Hey, be nice to Kicho" Ferrah said to Noodle and pet them both with both her hands.

Noodle gave her a confused look. Be nice? To the rodent? Kibo wanted him to be nice to her too. But why?

Ferrah smiled and gave them one last pet. "Home time. Your owner is waiting"

Kicho gave her one more snug like she did Nero before waddling over to Kibo. Noodle whimpered. He did not want to go... The dragon lady was nice and there was no way she could eat all that food herself! She needed his expert help! Before he could root himself to her house, Kibo had come over and picked him up. "Hehe sorry... Be seein' ya Miss Ferrah."

Ferrah nodded. "See ya."
She waved as they climbed into the cart

As Kibo drove his cart off, Noodle sat in the back watching the dragon lady get smaller and smaller until she was out of sight. Soon... Soon...

Ferrah watched them leave. For a water type he really wasn't so bad.
She did remind herself, however, to work with Whitney more so she didn't run anyone else off the road again.
First-ish Meeting RP
Ok, so technically Kibo and Ferrah have met before during a kings game among other people. But due to alcohol consumption and repressed memories they forgot each other. o3o
So this is the meeting they remember each other.

for :iconharvest-pokemoon:
Word count: 11,947

Kibo, Noodle, Kicho, Momo, Choppa, Bananasaur (c) :iconasktyranno:
Ferrah, Nero, Maigo, Whitney, Skippy, Playyt (c) Me
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Just Flying By
She got the wings again, so why not go for a casual flutter through town. ^w^

for :iconharvest-pokemoon:

Ferrah © Me  
Tropius © Nintendo    
Ferrah evolved into a...well thats not right by altered-worlds
Ferrah evolved into a...well thats not right
Halloween over and the effects of the trick was ending. Ferrah knew she was ready to evolve! As she returned to her adult for she could feel the energy building and everything went white. It was happening!
The white energy faded and Ferrah could feel the changes, although...Her long fined tail didn't feel right and there was an odd yet familiar weight on her back. Sure enough, when she looked back it was not her familiar shark fin, but instead two pairs of big leafy wings. Wings?! Again?!
Even her magnificent tail was nothing but a little stump which barely wiggled.
Ferrah had evolved into a tropius! That didn't sound right.  Or wait. Maybe the goddess was being tricky again.
At this rate she may never become a magnificent garchomp.


Yesh, another totem swap event to celebrate the release of the ORAS games. So everyone got to don a Hoenn totem. And just in time to evolve-block Ferrah once more XD

for :iconharvest-pokemoon:

Ferrah © Me
Tropius © Nintendo

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