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I know I've been pretty quiet lately, and my business building plan has been significantly delayed. All because I tried to be "human" and have a crush.
I'm sorry, hopefully it will never happen again.
I have been thoroughly rejected and now am attempting to get my mind back in the game.
With a round of commissions sitting in my lap I hope to get back on track to getting my business page up and running and hopefully gaining interest in possible clients and customers.
Here's to working towards a goal. Cheers.





Functional Progress by altered-worlds
Functional Progress
I have been so busy lately and I feel so bad that I have so many projects to do but no chance to work on them. Seriously, look at all the paintings I need to do.

Well I'm not really any less busy but I finally have a functional (even tho incomplete) workstation at home!
So now when I have a minute i can sit down and be productive!
Aiden App by altered-worlds
Aiden App
:bulletgreen: Name: Aiden Trenner

:bulletgreen: Age: 26

:bulletgreen: Gender: Male

:bulletgreen: Pokémon: Sawsbuck

:bulletgreen: Height: 6'2"

:bulletgreen: Body Style: Fit/Muscular

:bulletgreen: Birthday: October 13, 1989

:bulletgreen: Nature: Relaxed

:bulletgreen: Ability: Chlorophyll 

:bulletgreen: Favorite Berry/Flavor: Sour

:bulletgreen: Move Set
Camouflage -normal- Users type changes depending on its environment.
Horn Leech -grass- Drains targets energy to heal self.
Grass Knot -grass- Snares and trips the target. The heavier the target, the greater the damage. 
Bounce -flying- Bounces high first turn, drops down second turn. Can leave target paralyzed.

:bulletblue: Personality: When not working or hitting the books, Aiden is a chill guy. Whether with his pokemon or with people, he's always up for a good time. He doesn't like to get involved with other people troubles, but he will step in if things get out of hand. Then he will step in and defend the weaker party.

There isn't much that makes Aidens blood boil. However, when he does get pushed too far he is likely to start brawling. He would much rather avoid confrontation all together, but there are times when he is pushed to make a stand. Another vice of his is his smoking habit. While most people frown upon it, he refuses to quit.

On a more positive note (wip)

When not working or hitting the books, Aiden is a chill guy. Whether with his pokemon or with people, he's always up for a good time. With his relaxed personality he's not one to get involved in other peoples trouble, unless things get out of hand. Then he would step in and defend the weaker party. 

:bulletblue: History: Aiden had a pretty average growing up. His parents raised him as a single child in a small town on the mainland. He went to school. He played with other kids. His best friend was even the girl next door.

As a kid Aiden was really passionate about prehistoric pokemon. He didn't care if it annoyed anyone, he was always spouting the latest facts he learned about the extinct pokemon. Even his favorite games centered around pretending to be prehistoric pokemon. His closest neighbor and best friend never seemed to get tired of his facts and games, at least not that he noticed.

Then came the fateful day when Aidens dad got a job in the city and they had to move. The city wasn't as much fun as his hometown. It was harder to make friends here as kids seemed to tease him more than befriend him. Especially in spring when his hair and eyes turned pink. It was during this time that Aiden became quieter. He didn't get depressed, just didn't interact with anyone that was mean to him. He hoped they would leave him alone if he stayed away from them.

High school wasn't much different. Aiden would spend his time in the library or hidden away with a book, usually researching his favorite topic.
After four long years of high school he managed to graduate as an average student in his class. After high school he went to college with an opportunity to study after his passion. He was especially interested in reviving fossils and one day hoped to be able to have prehistoric pokemon as pets. One day a classmate showed him an article about a fossil lab opening up in the islands of Raccolto. From that moment Aiden knew where he wanted to go. Once he graduated college he made the move to Raccolto, finding and nice little plot of land on one of the islands an making a home for him and his meowth.

:bulletpurple: Island: Amusement Archipelago 

:bulletred: Job: Rancher

:bulletred: Ranch Name: Prehistorica

:bulletorange: Pet Species: Meowth

:bulletorange: Pet Name: Sam

:bulletorange: Gender: Female

:bulletorange: Ability: Pickup

:bulletorange: Pet Personality: Sam has been with Aiden since she was born. She's generally a cuddly cat and has learned a few tricks. Her favorite hobby is hunting for prey or shiny things.

:bulletorange: Pet Move Set:
Bite -dark- Bites target with sharp fangs
Swift -normal- Star shaped rays shoot at oponent, never misses.
Dig -ground- user burrows underground then attacs next turn
Thunderbolt -electric- A strong electric blast is shot at target, may cause paralysis 

:bulletyellow: Trivia:
- Aiden was always kind of athletic, but he didn't have much of an interest in sports. Jumping and running are his strongest points.

- On the last day before Aiden left his hometown, he gave his best friend his prized chunk of amber so she wouldn't forget him

- Before they moved, Aidens parents had a hobby farm with a big garden and several useful pokemon.

- Aidens dad was a researcher while his mom stayed to raise him and take care of the home.

- Aiden started smoking in high school and still smokes to this day.

- Aiden evolved from a deerling to a sawsbuck in his first year of college. 


Gonna give a second character a try

For :iconharvest-pokemoon:

Aiden, Sam (c) Me
Sawsbuck, Meowth (c) Nintendo
First Ponds by altered-worlds
First Ponds
Yes, two little ponds have been completed!
And by little I mean about four and a half centimetres across for one whole pond.

For a small pond like this it is $10
I can also make more small ponds with other bits of your choosing
A small pond comes with:
-rocks and gravel and water grass
-1 fish (+$0.25 for extra fish)
-3 lily pads
-2 lily flowers, one bloom one bud
-1 critter, either a frog or a dragonfly (+$0.15 for extra critter)
Clone School by altered-worlds
Clone School
So, I have discovered molding and cloning my fish. It takes longer to make a fish, but in the long run it saves me time because I can go do something else while they are drying. My only hitch is the line created by joining the two halves of the molds, but if they look good from over head, then that's what counts. Right?

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