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Cave 3 - How Do They Do That by altered-worlds
Cave 3 - How Do They Do That
The group exited the firey cave two and entered the much cooler cave 3, as Maigo cooled off she felt much more like herself again, Ferrah on the other hand was feeling a big chill.
Ferrah had not been this far into the Raccolto mines before. It was surprisingly spacious in the main area. High ceilings dripping with stalactites and walls covered in many areas that flying types would love. Certain rocks around the cave sparked and glowed with electricity while another part was misty and covered in ice.
Ferrah made a point to stay away from the misty areas and explored other parts of the cave. Nero's ears perked like he heard something and he took off barking with Maigo following. When Ferrah found them He was jumping around on his back legs trying to reach something while Maigo was floating around with a pair of Magnemites.
Ferrah walked over and stared curiously. How did those living metal balls float like that. She climbed up on a nearby rock and poked at the nearest Magnemite which didn't really react to her but lazily spun over till it was upside down. Maigo squeaked and giggled and flipped over to imitate it.


And they have reached Cave 3, the last available cave (at the moment.) Next time they come this way Ferrah should remember to bring a jacket, the cooler cave was especially cold after coming out of the nice warm previous cave.

For :iconharvest-pokemoon:

Ferrah, Nero, Maigo © Me
Gabite, Houndour, Phantump, Magnemite © Nintendo
Cave 2 - Friend or Food by altered-worlds
Cave 2 - Friend or Food
Back in cave one after recovering from the squirtle incident, Ferrah found another glowing exit that was much warmer then the last one. Wandering down the passage she came to cave two, full of rocky outcropping sand fire pits. This atmosphere, this temperature. Cave two was glorious and Ferrah felt so much better. Even Nero felt at home in this cave as he wandered around, even finding a little Tepig to check out. Maigo, however, did not enjoy this place as much. The little grass ghost was not handling the heat well and parked herself on Ferrah's head. Even seeing the Tepig her papa was interacting with could get her to budge.
Ferrah noticed this and decided not to linger around the fire cave. Taking Maigo in her arms she began looking for someplace a bit cooler to explore.


Into cave two, Ferrah and Nero love the heat, but poor Maigo can't handle this fiery place so well.

Ferrah, Nero, Maigo © me
Gabite, houndour, Phantump, Tepig © Nintendo

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