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The Pets Don't Mind by altered-worlds The Pets Don't Mind :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 3 1 She Lives There Now by altered-worlds She Lives There Now :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 5 3 Esiest Ranching Ever by altered-worlds Esiest Ranching Ever :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 4 3 Rather Rude Awakening by altered-worlds Rather Rude Awakening :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 8 7 King of the Mer-Crabs by altered-worlds King of the Mer-Crabs :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 7 8 Beached Shark by altered-worlds Beached Shark :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 11 7 Barrel Racer Tattoo Design PBP by altered-worlds Barrel Racer Tattoo Design PBP :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 5 3
To Winnifred - Spring Thankgiving Mix Up
Was that the mail man? Aiden looked up from his chores in time to see Aries bounding down to the end of the driveway. The mareep loved the mailman, and people in general, so this was practically a daily tradition. It was so much of a tradition that Aries had been taught to bring the mail to the house, which he did happily after his pets from the mailman. It wasn't a perfect trick yet as the mareep brought and dropped the mail onto the deck and started nibbling at the contents of a package he had torn open.
Aiden ran over to retrieve his mail and scooped it up, tearing a package out of the mareeps mouth.
"No no, you're supposed to put it in the basket, not eat it" He scolded and placed the mail into the basket he meant then petted Aries like he did a good job. "Ok, now go play with the others" He stepped down off the deck, the mareep playfully bounding beside him all the way back to the barn.
He spent the morning finishing his chores and playing with his pokemon before finally returning
:iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 1 3
Aidens Market Day by altered-worlds Aidens Market Day :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 7 9 Ferrahs Market Day by altered-worlds Ferrahs Market Day :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 6 5 Cool Contest - Samiel by altered-worlds Cool Contest - Samiel :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 6 5 Heading Out, Trail 1 - Snowrunt Romp by altered-worlds Heading Out, Trail 1 - Snowrunt Romp :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 2 0 Mischievous Discovery by altered-worlds Mischievous Discovery :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 10 10 Happy Year of the Fire Rooster by altered-worlds Happy Year of the Fire Rooster :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 8 8 Accidental Swanna Boat Ride by altered-worlds Accidental Swanna Boat Ride :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 7 0 Sharing some ice cream by altered-worlds Sharing some ice cream :iconaltered-worlds:altered-worlds 1 0

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I've been trying to figure out this YouTube thing with limited tech, but.
If I created a YT channel that would be about creating stuff/art would you watch it?

My YT channel:…
End Edit

Also, I've been thinking about starting a patreon.





The Pets Don't Mind
Just cause I wanted to draw them one last time. Even with a skull face mark, its hard to look anything other than cute as a popplio. And Sam..she's still a cat X3

Late For :iconharvest-lunatone: s Mermaid Event
Nero and Sam are mine
Pokemon © nintendo
She Lives There Now
So Ferrah hasn't been having a good time for this event, she's only a bit afraid of water and can't stand the feel of it. But unfortunately as a mermaid she can't just beach herself until she turns back. Not healthy for a fish to be on land. So for now she's going to hide under the bed and say its alright. At least until all this icky water goes away.

Late For :iconharvest-lunatone: s Mermaid Event
Ferrah, Nero and Maigo are mine
Pokemon © nintendo
Esiest Ranching Ever
What a nice change of pace. Instead of making sure everyone gets just what they need, he can just let loose a cloud of fish food.

It was a challenge to show everyones personality even though they are all magikarp now o3o

Late For :iconharvest-lunatone: s Mermaid Event

Aiden, Sam, Aries, Penny, Dilly, Boaris, Denny are mine
Pokemon © nintendo
Rather Rude Awakening
Another totem changing event has come and gone
This time everyone woke up to find themselves as water type merpeople. Whats this? Aiden woke up as a Kingler? Better go visit Cadence >w>
Who's scared of Krabby and Kinglers >w>;
Poor girl hadn't even figured out how to swim yet and now had to escape from that monster!

Late For :iconharvest-lunatone: s Mermaid Event

Cadence © :iconcuppastars:
Aiden is mine


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